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GCP is an Accredited Public Charter School where Big School Academics meet small class sizes.
At GCP, the student:teacher ratio is 17:1 and our academic requirements surpass the State's
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Our Junior Academy Students can get a head start on high school by earning credits in
High School Math, Science, History and English.
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Our Early College Program students have earned almost 1000 hours of college credit through
Advanced Placement courses
and Mesa Community College.
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Students at Grand Canyon Prep can explore one of 30 possible career choices ranging from Aviation to Veterinary Science through our partnership with the East Valley Institute of Technology (E.V.I.T.) and gain valuable experience through possible apprenticeships
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Students should visit the sites they read about in history and geography books. Our Students have visited Italy, Japan, Germany/Central Europe and soon Washington DC.
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We believe that serving others in need is vital to any community. At GCP, students participate in an annual food, clothes, toy and book drive that yields thousands of dollars in goods for the children in need at Children's First Academy

Accredited since 1999

Director’s Message

Grand Canyon Preparatory School of Tempe, Arizona is an educational institution where big school academics meet small class sizes.

We are deeply proud of our school community and our commitment to providing a unique and effective college preparatory experience.

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Students at Grand Canyon Preparatory Academy are challenged to achieve excellence by cultivating a desire for lifelong learning, and active citizenship. We invite you to explore our school.

Our Vision

Our mission is to empower students to fulfill their promise by promoting lifelong learning and career potential through academic scholarship, character development, and active citizenship.

We do this through community, parent, teacher, and student partnership.

Family Link

This link enables GCP parents and students to access the child's academic and attendance records.

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Grand Canyon Prep
March 26, 2015 at 11:50 am

Grand Canyon Prep updated their status.

CORRECTION: Francesca DeLuca, Victoria Ferguson, Jacob Padilla and Hunter Umaske are in the running for laptop/pad.

Grand Canyon Prep
March 26, 2015 at 8:39 am

Grand Canyon Prep updated their status.

Victoria Ferguson, Jacob Padilla and Hunter Umaske are in the running for laptop/pad.

Grand Canyon Prep
March 26, 2015 at 8:38 am

Grand Canyon Prep updated their status.

Dear GCP Community

We are very pleased to announce the 2014/15 Third Quarter Honor Roll and Commendation List. To be on the honor roll, a student has to have an overall 90 average and not have a grade below an 80 in any course. To be on the commendation list, students have to have an overall 85 average and not have a grade below a 70 in any one course. Students who receive a P in a core subject will disqualify them from either list. Students still in the running for our lab top/pad program will have an asterisk next to their name. To qualify for that, a student needs to be on the honor roll all four quarters of the school year and be in attendance for the first 40 school days of the next year (with the exception of high school graduates) CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STUDENTS ON THESE LISTS. THEY DID A GREAT JOB.

Honor Roll

Lilian Arnaoudoff
Joy Ferguson
Gabrielle Baltzley
Victoria Ferguson****
Francesca DeLuca
Kayla Ackley
Jacob Padilla ****
Hunter Umaske****
Kelby Kline
Matthew Owen
Maya Gray

Commendation List

Olivia Sorrell
Derek Garrison
Monique Candelario
Chimera (Spyder) Price
Andrew Boyer
Dana Garrison
Keian Kinnear
Ivie O'Neal
Nicholas McDermott
Hanna Holgerson
Jacob Stotts
Steven Cervantes
Olivia Blaine
Miguel Ramirez
Robert Ochoa
Alexis Boyle
Zachary Dumas
Xicana Duran
Gabrielle Lee
Austin Fierck
Hunter Fierck
Mackenzie Kindred
Arrick McDonell
Abubakar Hussein
Jack Hosier
Brandon McDermott

Grand Canyon Prep
March 25, 2015 at 3:51 pm

Grand Canyon Prep updated their status.

The annual Sunsplash field trip will be held on May 19.

Board of Directors Meeting:

Board Meeting Notices will be emailed to the GCP Community and posted on the front door of the school at least 24 hours before the meeting.